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Finding Your Authentic Self

 in the UFO ET World

October 24, 2020

I have been an active participant in the realm of UFOs and ETs since early childhood. To speculate that I permitted this activity is impossible to resolve, that is for me. All I know it is a part of who I am. I resonate with it, and no matter how many times I try to shy away, it comes back, front and center, reminding that they are an integral part of my life. So why do I choose to walk away from something that is natural and a part of me? Fear of judgment or something else? Over the next several weeks, maybe even months, possibly years I will share personal accounts of my journey in the realm of UFOs, ETs, Supernatural, and much more!

And you the reader, if you are faced with similar experiences, how do you feel? Are you judged for your experiences? Have you ever questioned what is the energy behind them? Are they trying to tell you something? Or are they a part of you?

© by Mary Muñoz

Love the person you are and know that you are enough!

October 3, 2020

How many times do we believe, we are enough? Usually, we may think we aren't enough. You may have negative self-talk like "I'm not pretty enough" or "I'm not wealthy enough" how about "I'm not smart enough." What if you changed those statements to "I am pretty enough," or I am wealthy enough" how about "I am smart enough," Believe it or not, you are enough! Enough isn't about what you don't have; it is what you already have. Remember, you can always have more and become more. You are enough because you live, love, laugh, and all the glory this universe offers!


"I love the person I am, and my essence in this universe brings me enough in my life. I love the things I have accomplished and what I will be accomplishing. I am enough!"

By Hannah Thoresen

What the Universe is telling us? 

June 30, 2020

Yesterday when doing card readings the Universe card kept presenting itself, so I posed the question to Hannah today and asked why. This is the spoke so much to my heart and I have to share with the world.

The answer: "Some see me as an enemy. Others see me as friend. I see me as nothing and everything. I am ET." by Hannah Thoresen (Messoline) Remote view June 30, 2020.

The message: I don't need to worry about others and how they view I just need to worry about me and my connection to the world of ETs and other Beings, which always has and always will be.

Blessings to all!



December 6, 2019

This is an excerpt from a class project that I had this past week and I want to share it with everyone who visits our site. 

The ‘Dream Library’ took me back to when I was learning how to meditate in 2012. At the moment the book opened I saw the stars spreading across the vastness of the universe and I was pulled in landing within the grid of the matrix confronting the sheer power of the creative force. Before me was possibilities, options, and the ability within myself to change anything that I choose to change. I was the creative force designing what I was now experiencing and seeing. With my right index finger, I begin to move and change direction, position, and momentum of the stars and galaxies.

This is what I have learned from the experience, “That I have always had the power to make that which I desire, for the universe is what I make it.” My dreams were altered in that I was able to grasp onto why I faced conflict and it was because I chose to use my power to change the direction, the position, and momentum of my life. And it is meditations such as this that I can regain balance so that when situations come to light, I can then use my intuitive understanding of the creative force to alter how it plays out in my waking and sleeping state.   

© Mary Muñoz

Universal Melody

by Mary Munoz

The melody of the universe is massive and grand! Always growing and always expanding. Though its size is enormous it all comes down to a simple vibration. It is like a concert you might say. We are all on a grand stage with various instruments. The instruments represent who we are yet each one is different. All unique and all are tuned to their perfect melody.

Now, imagine if you will a concert hall sitting within the void of space and time. Before you are the possibilities that come within such a vast universe. The possibilities are there for you to design as you wish. The players upon this stage are the galaxies, the planets, and the creative forces. These are the beginning and the end. It is the alchemist’s world of creation and you are a part of it. You are the alchemist!

As you sit quietly observing, waiting for that moment when your spark ignites so that you can engage and express your vibration you remember that it is your inner knowing that is waiting for just the right time. It is the breath of life that all energy has before it becomes physical; the spirit or at this moment the melody that you are.

It is then that the conductor appears. You notice immediately the wand, which he holds in his right hand. This is no ordinary wand, it is a conductor of life-giving energy, generating an immense amount of power radiating outward like a lightning rod. As he beginnings to sway the wand back and forth you know your melody is to play. You have a tug as if you are to sing with the movement but you notice a vibration coming from within you. Then you feel your vibration go into the floor of the universe. As though it was a ripple in a pond vibrating outward sharing all you have to give. Your vibration, your melody, moves forward radiating its energy for all to hear, feel, and see.

As you scan across the vastness of the stage and those who are there, you understand that it represents your world, your creation, your design. What do you see? Who are the individuals in their seats and how do they relate to you and your creation?

It is then that you recognize a nudging from within, a spark, and your creative power within you begins to interact. Its energy is strong and pulsates outward connecting to you and those around you. The energetic ripples of the others begin to combine creating intricate forms and shapes, a Sacred Geometry if you will. Soon those who participate and those who watch begin to recognize the shapes of the melodies that connect, all becoming one.

One by one the players begin to play, each having their own set of tones, yet each connecting, creating, designing a magnificent piece. Even though they are different their combination creates a balance and whole working as one. You feel this connection and come to realize how each melody works with each other. Then you notice that your melody is different but your difference brings a specific tone, a vibration, or energy, that distinguishes you from the rest. Without this note, the melody would be changed. Your splendor is in the joyous feelings of being part of yet different. It is not by sheer magick this occurs yet it magickal in all its splendor and you realize your vast potential, unlimited power, to build your music as you see it for you. For you to create your Melody.

As you engage the process of life you find there are moments where your Melody is slow and methodical while other times it moves quickly and bounces back and forth never knowing where the next note will come from or go to. You begin to understand that this is how the Melody works; it is made by the decision you make, molding itself with those around you. You find that as you interact with your world, your creation, your design, your Melody changes upon the choices you decide. You are in fact expressing your melody. Your melody is what you control. You can choose how it is played in the world around you, with those you interact with, with how you respond to your environment.

Within your new knowledge, you begin to step forward, engaging your tone, making the necessary adjustments when required, and creating your own Melody. You find your inspiration and your creative power building over time and the more you work with your Melody the more you understand that you have the potential to create anything of your desire. You realize that love you are emanating is different than sorrow, and hate is different than joy, all your emotions are different based on the tone.

Now, take a moment and quietly hold onto that thought and engage in the sheer magnificence of the experience. How do you feel? How did it allow you to expand the melody you are? What are you saying to yourself in your universe? The universe of your world, your creation, your design, the crescendo of you.

As you see your melody being played before your time has now past and you find that you are in the moment of now. What do you see? Again, reach out and begin to engage for a moment, what is it about your life that now inspires you? It could be the eyes of a child, the companionship of a pet, or anything of your choosing. Take a moment and consider your inspiration, bring it into your stage, and embrace it. Feel the melody that it brings to your life. Now, allow that melody to expand enveloping your world. How does it feel? Do you feel the power it brings? As you experience your inspiration how can you begin to share it with others within your world, your creation, your design? How will they recognize it? What is your melody telling this world? Take time and enjoy the vibration of your melody.

You are now in the future, peering upon your stage, the one that was set by your choices in the past. What do you see? Take a moment and consider how your melody of the past played a role in your present or in this case future. Engage with your melody, your world, your creation, your design. Listen to your melody, what is it telling you? As you consider for a moment your life what is there about it that inspires you to continue with your melody? What are you doing to expand your vibration? And as you bath in the melody of your life, you begin to recognize the person you have always been. You know that though there are changes your melody has always been the same. You have expanded upon it by bringing more depth to your world, your creation, and your design.

As you consider this journey to know that your melody is right for you. Express who you are, be the vibration you have always known and share it with the world of your creation. As the universe expands so will your melody. Your vibration is yours to share in your immense world, vibrating a new design. Listen quietly as you expand. Grow with the universal melody! This melody is always there, lulling you to sleep as a child, guiding you through the ripple of life in the now, and to the unknown future within this universal design. The expansion is ever-growing and ever-changing. Your tone will reach the vastness of space and time! Your tone will change with the ripple of time, never to fade or to ever go away! You are this universe and the universe is you!

It is now that you notice that are center stage, the conductor who guided you is now gone and you stand in their place. With the wand in your hand, and you move it upward to begin the next stanza. You gaze into the vastness of space not to see the people as before, you now gaze upon the brightest of all-stars, pulsating forth with life and energy, anticipating your next move, the motion of the wand. What you choose now will continue to move the vibration outward, as in the pond, for the vastness of the worlds to hear, feel, and see. Your tone starts low and begins to grow! You notice that your heart center increases in intensity, becoming as if it were supernova shining brightly across the vastness of space ready to ignites its power for all to see. It is at this moment that you realize that you are a star yourself, bright and ever-growing! Your vibration is growing and molding to the universe. Take your star and shine bright, for all to see, knowing that what you share in your Melody is just what the world needs. Sing your song! Share your tune! Be your Melody!

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