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The Paranormal by Mystical Signatures

Rantings of Mary Munoz 

Personal Experiences in the world of the Paranormal

An ongoing look into the life in the paranormal

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2022

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Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2022

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Our First Blog Entry

November 28, 2022

Living paranormal begins with accepting the experiences no matter the challenges one might face. Is it the devil? Is it real? What will others think? Fear, judgment, and uncertainty flow like a raging river overcoming rational thought. Concerns with safety in the spiritual and physical realms take center stage leaving a smokey film over the lens of life.

Everyone has a story, an event, or a situation that defies all reality. Something that brings up the question to life, what it means and what is true and correct? Some will run or ignore it, jumping into daily life. Others embrace possibilities beyond their understanding and begin the arduous journey to find answers. Most will start their journey following the path of least resistance or straightforward explanation. They may venture toward a religious or spiritual organization, possibly a group whose key focus is on cue to the event or events which occurred. However, the more they learn, the deeper the abyss becomes. And this is where I sit, in the abyss of the paranormal world or reality, going further into the rabbit hole of trying to understand my reality while holding onto the world I believe is real.

Throughout the blogs, I will present my life and personal interpretation based on the information that resonates with the individual I am. My interpretation is, for all purposes, nothing more than that. There is zero discounting of others and their interpretations, only an expression of me. It might resonate with the reader or be too fanatical, impossible, or confusing, yet it is the life I have led. It is filled with ghostly figures and wanted or unwanted energy fields, culminating around aliens from unknown worlds or dimensions. It includes interactions with Angels, Demons, Elementals, Spaceships, Orbs of Light, Government Conspiracy, and Extraterrestrial Beings, all interweaving with each other. So join me on the journey into my reality.

Over the years, several psychics have stated that I am a teacher and have abilities. Teaching I get, psychic abilities, well though they were regular occurrences, they were hard for me to share with those close to me, partly due to it being natural and normal. Didn't everyone see invisible people or speak with the dead? What about funny-shaped individuals, notably aliens, the grey ones with colossal heads and almond eyes? Isn't that normal? Apparently not, and I would soon learn to keep my experiences to myself to not stand out.

My first test would be with my invisible friend. She was a little Native American girl. Instead of my family allowing me to embrace her, I would be shunned, being told it was impossible and only imagination. My gift of sight, seeing beyond the veil, was blinded by the ignorance and fear of those around me. The embarrassment of not fitting in was the catalyst to contain me from expressing the individual I was. And it worked. My journey had just begun. 


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