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Our YouTube Channel areas of the Spiritual, the Paranormal, Extraterrestrial Contact, and general Wellness.

Our site is a culmination of information based on decades of personal experiences within the realm of the dimensional universe. 

Introduction Video

Interview with Linda Sodomire

Interview with Abe Munoz

Video #1 Childhood

Video #2 Fourteen to Seventeen

Video #3 1977 - 1980 The Meeting

Video #4: 1981 - 1984 College ET and Experiences

Video #5: 1984-1988 The Language

Video #6: 1988-1990 Missing Time & Other More

Video 7: 1990-1996 Paranormal & Conspiracy

Video 8: Orange Orb Conspiracy & Reality

Video 9: White Light Being

Video 10: Dreams Have Meaning

Video 11: UFO Watchtower UFO/ET Event

Video 12: MILAB Implications & Hypnosis

Coming Soon