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Mary Muñoz

Welcome to my world! I am a generational ET experiencer. My history within UFOs and ETs is a complicated one and began roughly around the age of four. I would not understand the generational connection until I was seventeen, and even then, I would have not given it that title until 2001; the year was 1980.

In 1967, I moved with my mother and brother to New Mexico, a location where she had acquired a job working as a school teacher. Within only a few months of this move, I would have my first encounter with unknown grey extraterrestrials. They would leave me with a false memory to hide the truth of their visitations. These visitations would follow me throughout life and to this day.

From 1967 to 1977, I would experience classic signs of abduction from mysterious cuts to unwarranted fears ending with unexplained nose bleeds. Each of these occurrences was attributed to a young child acting out or causing unnecessary harm to oneself, which was far from the truth. My psychic abilities were beginning to appear, and as with the abductions, the peers would highly suggest it was my imagination. I was completely misunderstood, which led me to change the patterns when I had my daughter. I didn't deny her truth.

It was in 1977 I would learn about the existence of my biological dad. Up until that date, I had considered my relationship with my brother as equal. We were from the same father, and then I was informed that I had to legally change my name to receive my social security number. What an eye-opening moment that was.

At the same time, this was occurring in 1977, I began to experience my awakening. It started on December 27, 1977. From that date until the summer of 1978, I would experience two lights and one silver object that defied logic. Of the three experiences, one included several members of my family. In March 1980, I would find out about my biological dad, his connection to the phenomena, and its relationship to the family. Integration would occur.

I have experienced lights, orbs, objects, abduction, missing time, the physical effects, and marks that can come with the phenomena over my life. Then there are the fears and phobias. Regressed memories were sorted out, and the realization of the blocks that occurred to hide the information has been processed. I am continually growing and learning, adjusting, and moving forward to assimilate and accept the individual I am. I am quiet, reserved, and yet outspoken.

Today I am working toward my Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner diploma through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. My focus is on Clinical Hypnotherapy. I also have my License in Massage Therapy through the Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in 2019. I work with my daughter on this website and our sister site We are continually growing, creating, and developing new ways of accepting and assimilating UFOs, ETs, and the Magickal side into one path. We refused the pill, stepped out of the box, leaving limitations behind. We now stand firm in the world of possibilities.

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