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Magickal Meditation

Magickal Meditations YouTube Channel by Mary Munoz - Mystical Signatures

The meditations on this site have a connection to Ancient teachings, through your imagination and visualization you venture into the Magickal worlds. The user can experience deep stillness and presence. This is for entertainment purposes only.

DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE ANY TYPE OF MACHINERY WHEN USING THESE RECORDINGS. Never lie down, find a comfortable chair with no distractions. Works best with headphones.

Disclaimer: Those with mental illness contact your healthcare provider before using any meditation recordings. We lay no claim to be psychologist, therapist, counselor, or medical professional. We accept no responsibility for any adverse effects, direct or indirect, that may result from your use of the recordings.

Magickal Meditations by Mary Munoz - Mystical Signatures

Achieving Goals

The Mirror - Self Reflection

Infinite Mind

Coming Soon!

New videos will be posted when available.

Copyright Information

Scripts used in these videos are copyrighted under Mystical Signatures dba Magickal Meditations, Partnership: Mary Munoz and Hannah Thoresen. Music and video backgrounds are copyrighted by the creator and will be indicated in each video.

Mary Munoz, CHt 

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