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Paranormal, ET, & Spiritual Life Coaching

Paranormal, Extraterrestrial & Spiritual Life Coaching by Mary Muñoz

Find your direction or clarity in your life when living in the paranormal, extraterrestrial phenomena & your own spiritual path!

What is a Life Coach?

An achievement professional. My Life Coaching model motivates, inspires, pushes one to find their full potential by coming to a resolution of the phenomena in their lives. I help you re-focus your thinking so that you can pass the barriers which can hold you from your full potential. I assist you to get past your blocks so you are not captive of your thoughts. 

How does it work?

Life coaching assists you in identifying goals, interpreting those goals, and how to add them to your daily life. With the Paranormal & ET realms it can give you direction on finding your insights to your experiences.

What to expect?

Freedom to see beyond the limitations that can be generated by your own thoughts or others who are searching for their own understanding in this realm. 

What not to expect? 

A life coach assists you to find your own inner ability to make sound choices in your life. As a Paranormal & ET Life Coach I not tell you what to do or give you advice to your situation; you already have your own answers within.

For rates and to schedule an appointment, click here.  

All appointments are either by Skype or Zoom. 

Consultation Services

I am now offering consultation services in Life Coaching. The initial fee is $125.00. All packages are based on $99.00 per hour after the initial consultation. Each session is one hour per week and up to six weeks if needed.

No product

I have had the pleasure of receiving several coaching sessions from Mary Munoz of Mystical Signatures.

Mary is highly intuitive, thoughtful & professional. I speak from experience when I say that she is genuinely invested in helping her clients reach clarity and success in the steps needed to achieve their goals. She gently encourages her clients and has truly helped me on my quest of enlightenment.

I’ve had remarkable breakthroughs in my sessions with Mary and am eternally grateful for her insights & support.

With Gratitude,

Donna V.

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