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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

Carl Jung

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Blue Smoke

Personal Journal for Intuitive Pendulum Practices

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Signature of an Abductee

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Contactee Journal

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Crystal Contact

Mystical Signatures


Hannah Thoresen and Mary Munoz founded the company in March 2017. Their first venture was to write about and document their experiences in the paranormal-ET realms. That same year, they created and published Crystal Contact Oracle and recently updated it. 


In April 2019, they obtained their Massage Therapy Licenses from the esteemed Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute, solidifying their professional qualifications. After attending SW Institute of Healing Arts in 2019-2020, Hannah received her Holistic Nutritional Diploma and Mary's Integrative Healing Arts Diploma, further enhancing their expertise.


Check out our Oracle readings on YouTube and other videos documenting their experiences. 

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