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“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Carl Jung

Finding Oneself

It is finding who you truly are, being persistent, and allowing the darker areas of life to see the light. Be kind and gentle as you move toward your highest possible self. Take your journey into 'Mindful' living.

Mystical Signatures

Both Mary Munoz and Hannah Thoresen founded the company in March 2017. Their first venture was to write about and document their experiences in the Paranormal-ET realms. They created and published Crystal Cosmic Oracle that same year, based on their knowledge and experiences within those realms. Then in April 2019, they obtained their Massage Therapy Licenses from Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute. Finally, they continued to build on their training by attending the SW Institute of Healing Arts. Hannah obtained her Holistic Nutritional Diploma, and Mary received her Integrative Healing Arts Diploma. Today they take the training and knowledge they have acquired, integrating them into the culmination of the website and YouTube channels. Their goal is to inform and allow others to find clarity on their journeys into mindfulness.