Welcome to Mystical Signatures

Welcome to Mystical Signatures

Mystical Signatures was birthed from Dew Drop Essentials, LLC; our initial essential oil line that we are presently re-introducing as Mystical Signatures. Open to the realization that essential oils limited our growth we closed shop and co-created Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico; a meet-up group.

Soon after the inception of Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico, we presented our first book, Signature of an Abductee, which again we changed our name to, Signature of an Abductee, only to realize that just focusing on the realm of Extraterrestrials limited who we are. It was then we sat down and decided to make some changes to allow us to encompass everything about us.

This is how Mystical Signatures was born. The limiting concepts in one paradigm were removed allowing us to open the door for anything. It allowed us to encompass everything we believed in as we grow in our knowledge and leaving limitations behind, which is how we came up with our goal for those of you who visit our site, “End Limitations and Seek Knowledge,” is who we are.

“Knowledge is the self-empowerment and by having this website, we are empowering us by empowering you.” By Hannah Thoresen

So, as you visit our website you will notice categories that are normally separated from each other; Magick and Extraterrestrials are great examples. Since we live and have experienced both realms denying one would keep us from expressing our true nature. Science has proven that thought forms, words, and actions can create changes in our environment something the ancients knew and today it is called magick or consciousness. Link 1 - Link 2.

So, limitations are gone, Magick is real, Extraterrestrial’s use vibration and anything is possible in life. We live in a vibrational universe and or a multi-verse that generates life. It is this movement that makes life go around, form, and change. We too are growing and changing as we continue to increase our awareness, so we suggest that you check in now and again to see what is new.

Visit our Facebook ‘Like Pages’; Mystical Signatures Gathering and Mystical Signatures and give us a “Like”! We also have a group page, “Mystical Signatures” on Facebook.


Abe, Mary, Hannah & Josh (Founders)

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