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Crystal Contact Oracle

In 2017 Crystal Contact Oracle was a dream come to manifestation. Today in 2023, the new revised edition has come full circle. The cards have the initial creation, yet the borders, now eliminated, represent zero boundaries in the space surrounding the work, opening possibilities beyond the edges linking the outworld within the inner world.

You will find keywords that connect to specific actions that combine with a crystal and sigil, representing the Earthly and Spiritual realms. They come together to give a message to the user, one they can utilize in their daily meditations to contemplate their connection to the whole, leaving limits behind and expanding knowledge and understanding.

Dive in and experience the Universal energies that surround our world, whether ET or for personal growth.

Thank you,

Hannah and Mary of Mystical Signatures

Owner - Designer

© Mystical Signatures 2017

Sold in the United States at this time unless other arrangements made. 

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail.

If outside the United States please contact us personally to arrange shipping rates for your location.

(limited availability)

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