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Books & Journals

Books and Journals are © by Mary Muñoz and/or Hannah Thoresen. 

Signature of an Abductee
Guidebook to the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Through the Generations

Documentation, photographs, artist renditions of Generational Abduction/Contact experiences. It gives insight into the realm of family experiences of the unknown and how to discern your own experiences.

Contactee Journal


Discover and document your unique experiences by tracking them in this one stop journal. Specifically designed for ET & UFO experiences.

Personal Journal
for Intuitive Pendulum Practices

Keep a daily record of all of your pendulum readings. Use this information to validate your growth & accuracy in working in the art of pendulum readings.

My Password Is...?

One stop location to keep safe your website log-ins IDs, including passwords. It is an alphabetical organizational tool to keep everything cohesive and together.

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