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About Hannah Thoresen

Hi everyone,

My name is Hannah Thoresen, and I am an author, generational ET experiencer, artist, LMT, and more! I have been an extraterrestrial experiencer since conception. I am just not an extraterrestrial experiencer but generational. This generational connection follows a lineage from my mother’s line going back through her father and spans at least five known generations. Because of this, I have had been opened to this phenomenon. My mother never denied my experiences, and since we tend to have them at the same time, there is no point in denying it.

Besides my generational connection to the extraterrestrials, I have intuitive abilities from my mother's side. I have always had a natural ability to understand things that I shouldn't. Most people call me an old soul and very grounded in my ways. Again, my mother has allowed me to grow in these abilities and has never denied them. She has worked with me to enhance them! Because of this, I have learned through my understanding and the unknown that everything vibrates or known as energy. I call this energy magick and use this energy to benefit my life and wellbeing through the phenomena and everyday living.

In 2017 I published my first book with my mother called “Signature of an Abductee.” The book came from a dream, which is discussed in the first chapter. An owl or what I instinctively knew was an alien told me I would be doing certain things in my life and to go with it. If you are wondering why the owl was an alien, it is called screen memories, and these beings use them to help you feel more comfortable and excepting of them, which we discuss in our book. After this, I started writing the book with my mother. We didn't want the book to be just about our experiences, which it does have, we wanted it to be a guide for those who go through the phenomena and how to use different methods to understand what is occurring and how to deal with it in your personal lives.

It opened up even more doorways to publishing to journals "Contactee Journal" and "Personal Journal for Intuitive Pendulum Practices." With my mom, we also produced an Oracle deck called "Crystal Contact" however, at this time, it is not in production. But this is only the beginning. Other books and projects will be out in the following years. Because I love giving and helping individuals to a more positive way of living, I went through massage therapy and graduating with honors through Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute (UTMI) and became a Reiki Master Teacher through Lisa Powers.

I am now going to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2019 for my 'Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner' in 'Natural Foods Culinary Specialist.' I will say I was hesitant because I just finished massage school, but this has allowed me to open and expand my understanding of more possibilities to help others.

As you look through this website, you will find various subjects and projects. Please visit for more about our magickal side.

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